Structural analyzing of the mold slider (row position)

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In the plastic mold, the forming action of the mold is used to make the oblique support tip and the slider have a relative movement tendency, so that the slider moves in two directions along the mold opening direction and the horizontal direction to make it escape from the barb.



The slider should move a certain distance during the mold opening process, and the sliders can be safely returned after the front and rear molds are completely separated. The slider should be stopped at the correct position. If the slider slides forward or backward, it will cause the oblique edge and the hole pair to collide without collision! Therefore, the positioning device must be installed on the slider, and the positioning device must be flexible and reliable to ensure that the slider does not move in place.


The slider is a mold assembly that can slide in a direction perpendicular to the opening and closing mold or at an angle to the opening and closing direction during the mold opening operation. When the product structure in the mold does not normally release, the slider must be used. The material itself has the appropriate hardness, wear resistance, and is sufficient to withstand the friction of motion. The cavity portion or core portion of the slider should have the same hardness as the rest of the cavity core.

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