Surface treatment polishing process of injection mold

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When it comes to mold surface treatment, it can be divided into many types, polishing, fire pattern, chemical etching, electroplating, sand blasting.

Analyzing Surface treatment polishing process

Polishing is the modification of the surface of a workpiece with a flexible polishing tool and abrasive particles or other polishing media.
For different polishing processes: rough polishing (basic polishing process), medium polishing (finishing process) and fine polishing (glazing process), the appropriate polishing wheel can be used to achieve the best polishing effect, while improving the polishing efficiency.

The standard for mold polishing is SPI, which is the standard of the Society of the Plastics Industry. It can be divided into four grades according to quality issues.
a) Diamond polishing (very suitable for nickel and chrome plating), grade SPIA.
b) Sandpaper polishing (slightly glossy, good demoulding, used in occasions where decorative requirements are not high), grade SPIB.
c) Whetstone polishing (non-high gloss surface, good demoulding, also the first step in sandpaper and diamond polishing), graded as SPIC.
d) Sandblasted (mesh and textured surfaces) with a rating of SPID.
The next time the customer sends SPI, don't understand it.

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