The Construction of Plastic Injection Mold Standardization

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      After many years of experience in our company, we have summed up the standardization and automatic design of injection molds, mainly through the combination of injection mold and network mold design framework to complete the rapid design of different product models and structures, in order to meet the diversified consumption needs of different enterprises in the market.


   Today we will first talk about the construction of injection mold standardization!


   The size standardization of the injection that process of carrying out the standardized system structure of the injection mold,With the help of computer programming, Internet information technology, including CAD modeling, CAM computer numerical control programming technology, different kinds and different forms of injection mold design, to complete the standardization of various mold frames and sizes, and to store the corresponding injection molding design data in the database.


   Standard design for molding and fitting of injection mold.For injection mold in the database, there are two aspects of injection mold structure and injection mold production process.In the process of the production of a specific plastic product and a plastic product, the injection mould data in the database is selected, called and modified according to the corresponding production and design requirements.1.  After that, the standard parts are produced by different accessories factories, and the designers need to adjust the mold parameters in the key links, so as to ensure the demand of various injection mold design and production.


   Retrieval of injection Mould parts. In that case of standardized production of the injection mold,the corresponding database retrieval scheme is used, which comprises the production process and the retrieval of the tool parts.For typical parts with fixed parameters,You can enter part code to retrieve and use.And for those that have changed a lot in the production process,parts and production processes, the parameter values of a certain production link should be modified, and the  pair used data for retrieval.

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