How Selection of mould steel

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 How Selection of mould steel

一、Plastics can be divided into two categories:


Thermoplastic and Thermosetting plastics.


Thermoplastics are usually granular at room temperature. When heated to a certain temperature, they become molten. When cooled, they solidify and form. If reheated, they will become molten again. They can be plasticized again. Therefore, thermoplastics can be repeatedly solidified by heating and melting, so the waste of thermoplastics can usually be recycled, that is, the so-called "secondary material". Thermoplastic plastics include general plastics (such as PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, etc.), engineering plastics (such as PC, PA, POM, PBT, PPO, PPS, LCP, etc.) and alloys (such as PC / ABS, etc.).


2. Thermosetting plastic

Thermosetting plastic is heated to a certain temperature and then becomes solidified. Even if it continues to heat, it will not change its state. Therefore, thermosetting plastics can not be reheated to form repeatedly, so the waste of thermosetting plastics is usually not recyclable.

Plastic is a kind of polymer resin which is synthesized from oil or natural gas.

 Properties of Plastics:

 There are six kinds of basic physical properties, mechanical properties, thermal properties, chemical properties, optical properties and electrical properties;

 There are three types of steel for mould:

 A. plastic mold steel: high throwing power

 B. hot working tool steel: high strength, high temperature resistance

 C. cold working tool steel: high pressure resistant, wear-resistant and high-speed tool steel


American AISI standard pre hardening plastic die steel P20: it has good machining performance and excellent polishing performance. It can be carburized to a certain extent. After carburizing and quenching, the surface hardness can reach 65 HRC, with high thermal hardness and wear resistance. P20 steel is suitable for thin-walled plastic box and ordinary plastic mould with high life.


Plastic die steel 420: stainless steel chrome (gt; 10%) corrosion resistant.


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