How to solve the common problem of uneven mold temperature in injection mold effectively?

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How to solve the common problem of uneven mold temperature in injection mold effectively?


01 What is the effect of mold temperature balance on injection products?

What is modular temperature equilibrium?

Mold temperature refers to the cavity surface temperature in the molding cycle, and mold temperature balance refers to the mold design and forming engineering conditions is important not only to maintain the appropriate temperature, but also to make its uniform distribution.

The uneven distribution of mold temperature directly affects the quality uniformity and dimensional accuracy of injection products.If water distribution is undeserved, will inevitably lead to uneven mold temperature, make the product parts contraction, so as to form the internal stress, may make the product can not meet the requirements of mechanical properties, but also prone to bend, irregular surface finish, stripping bad or produce plastic deformation and so on, especially to uneven thickness of products of complex shape should give attaches great importance to.


02 Which effect do you want?


And the balanced mold temperature will give us the injection product quality to bring a huge improvement, thus forming a qualitative change.Improve the strength and heat resistance of manufactured products.

Prevent the product from cracking and fragile;

Reduce residual internal stress, molecular alignment and deformation;

Reduce the common vibration or wave pattern of PP material;

Improving the mold temperature can make the surface of injection molding products shiny and make the color uniformity better.

Reduce the flow impedance during filling and reduce the pressure loss;

Make the appearance of the product more shiny and good, reduce the obvious degree of the binding line.

The above is our mold manufacturing often encountered, but also we tried hard to get the results.


Therefore, to find out the reason, you can get the method.In addition to the performance impact molding plastics material, injection pressure, melt temperature, cooling time, improper control of factors, such as plastic defect can be generated with the development of the injection molding process, the plastic products is becoming more and more complex structure, wall thickness difference is more and more big, the water distribution and part is missing, as uneven mold temperature "culprit". 


                                                                                             a. Waterway arrangement with uniform wall thickness                  b. Waterway arrangement with uneven wall thickness




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