What does EDM mean?

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     EDM is the abbreviation of the English word Electrical Discharge Machining. The basic working principle of EDM is to use a continuously moving fine wire  as an electrode to perform pulse spark discharge on the workpiece to remove metal and cut.

     It is mainly used for processing various shapes and delicate workpieces, such as punches, dies, embossing dies, fixing plates, unloading plates, etc. for forming dies, forming knives, stencils, metal electrodes for EDM processing Various micro-holes, narrow slits, arbitrary curves, etc., have outstanding advantages such as small machining allowance, high machining precision, short production cycle and low manufacturing cost. They have been widely used in production, and the current domestic and international electric sparks Wire cutting machines account for more than 60% of the total number of electric machine tools. At present, our company has several EDMs.


     Among them, the mold is generally processed by coarse, medium and fine grades in EDM processing. Roughing is realized by high power and low loss, while the relative loss of medium and precision machining electrodes is large, but in general, the middle and finishing allowances are small, so the electrode loss is also very small, which can be compensated by machining size control, or Ignore it without affecting the accuracy requirements.

EDM automatic discharge machining unit product features:

1. Seamless integration with the management system
The automation system can receive the plan of the production management system and automatically report the processing results to the management system.

2, The discharge program is automatically generated
Generate a discharge program with one button and automatically import the detection offset value

3, automatic / manual mode switching
Manual mode switching can be performed on the specified machine tool. The automatic machining of other machine tools is not affected when switching. The machine tool switched to manual mode can be manually processed manually to meet the flexible needs of the enterprise.

4, scalability

The system can be equipped with multiple processing equipment, which can be expanded according to the actual situation of the enterprise.
The system can be equipped with one or more shelves, which can be expanded according to the actual situation of the enterprise.

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